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In Monterrey, Mexico finding flexible warehouse space that works for you can be tough. With over1,238m2 square meters (13,325 square feet) still vailable of operating space, FabCast Solutions Warehousing is equipped with everything you’ll need to grow your business, including 24/7 access, oading docks, forklifts, and more.


Mig/tig welding; brazing; sheering; milling; grinding; threading; CNC machining and many more.


Processes includes: High pressure die casting; gravity casting; low gravity casting; lost wax casting. Machining centers available onsite


Chrome plating; bright anodizing; e-coating; powder coating; polish and buff.

CNC Machining

Up to 5- axis machining centers: including drilling, boring, grinding, shearing etc


Opportunity to make your sub-assemblies in Mexico, using X% local value to make them USMCA compliant before you ship them over the Border