Stainless Steel Tube milling

About FabCast Solutions

FabCast Solutions SRL de CV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FabCast Solutions of Chicago, IL. FabCast Solutions is a 4time Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private company in USA and is a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of engineered fabricated and die casted components/assemblies. FabCast Solutions is proud to partner with Modern Tube Inc, of Jackson, Michigan (USA) to present their current line of stainless steel tubular products.

Together we recognize that the goals of our customers' business are critical and with our 70+ years of experience in the industry, we take pride in being a trusted advisor and steward to help amplify our business' success.

From Q1 2024 we will be able to present the following specs of Stainless steel tube:

0.020" 0.028" 0.035" 1mm 0.042" 0.049" 0.065" 0.083"
5/16" OD (.312")
8mm OD (.315")
3/8" OD (.375")
1/2" OD (.500")
5/8" OD (.625")
16mm (.630" OD)
3/4" OD (.750")
1.00" OD
1-1/4" OD (1.250")
1-1/2" OD (1.500")
1-3/4" OD (1.750")
2.00" OD

Value added capabilities

Precision Cutting

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